To assure that when sound is added into space, the choice of the correct equipment has a direct result in the performance achieved.

It ensures the quality of sounds is not negatively affected by the environment wherein it is heard.

The Dolby® Digital Cinema Processor CP750 provides easy-to-operate audio control in digital cinema environments while integrating seamlessly with existing technologies. The CP750 supports 5.1 as well as Dolby Surround 7.1 premium surround sound, and it can receive and process audio from multiple digital audio sources, including a digital cinema server, preshow servers, and alternative content sources. The CP750 is ready for use by a network operations center (NOC) and can be monitored and controlled from anywhere on the network for status and function.


Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850

The CP850 is the complete audio solution for today’s digital cinemas, including new crossover support and it’s now more cost-effective than ever. Contact Dolby Sales for more information.

Dolby CP850 Cinema Benefits

Dolby Atmos® provides a unique approach to cinema audio, giving filmmakers unprecedented power and freedom to realize their creative visions. In your cinema, Dolby Atmos gives audiences a natural and enveloping sound experience that fully reflects the original artistic intent.

JBL CPI2000 is a professional-grade processor developed by JBL to provide audio enhancement and volume control for cinemas. It features DSP processing, room EQ tuning, volume control and system fault detection and can be configured through a tailor-designed GUI software. 

CPi2000 offers four input options – Analog Input, Digital Input, Non-Sync Input and mono Mic Input. The Analog Input and Digital Input accept audio signal from any cinema server. Non-Sync Input receives line level stereo signal from a CD or DVD player for background music playback. Mic Input normally connects to a RTA microphone for room tuning.


The Datasat AP25 is the product of years of innovation and experience in delivering digital sound for cinema. It delivers the precise reproduction of both digital and analog sources. It is the professional solution that is developed by sound engineers for the most realistic movie experience available in movie theaters worldwide.

The AP25 offers an outstanding array of features in a single box. With 16 channels of digital and analog inputs and outputs, it delivers an impressive total of 85 input options and 34 output options – almost double its nearest competitors. The result is that the AP25 is one of the few audio processors capable of 3D audio today.