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We offer technology innovations and solutions for entertainment and related industries as our appropriate response to business needs and requirements.

Our products are ingenious, reliable and well-designed.



3D and 4D systems
Multipurpose auditorium and cinema seats
Cinema Speaker rig system
Cinema auditorium lighting
Projection screen and screen frame
Digital cinema projectors and servers
Digital audio processors
Projection replacement parts and consumables
Boothless projection system/ Cine Lifter
Encoding/ film post production services

ArraysTech Digital Systems Inc. is a leader in providing quality cinema equipment from major manufacturers all over the world.

These include digital cinema projectors, server, speakers, amplifiers, cinema seats, as well as cinema equipment spare parts. 

ADSI started in October of 1991 under the sole proprietorship of Mr. Reynaldo J. Del Poso. Sustained by years of field experience, constant participation to local and international trade shows/seminars, and intense research, ADSI has become one of the known providers in entertainment business and other applications.

ArraysTech Digital Systems Inc. (ADSI) has become a leader in providing world-class systems from major manufacturers globally.

To be the leading company in technology innovations and solutions for entertainment  and related industries.

To provide the industry with innovative designs, system–friendly solutions and quality services beneficial to all stakeholders.


In my life I have discovered I am not perfect.

I have taken risks, I have lost, I have missed,

I have hurt, I have trusted, I have made mistakes, but most of all I have learned.


In this business the greatest source of my learning are our clients.

They have turned us into something better than we were before

and have inspired us to further develop our technology for the 21st  century.


Founder and CEO


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